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From Whom Should I Learn?

My willingness to be open and teachable determines the path of my life journey. What I learn is influenced by where I turn for answers and to whom I listen. The WHO is often as important as the WHAT…

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Weather Forecast

The weather forecast calls for. . . …

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All-knowing Bob

Soon after arriving in Budapest a Greek physician asked me, "Do you know why God called you to Hungary?" With confidence I replied, "Yes, I think I do know." This kind, wise man…

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Don't Forget the "Ancient Path"

I love new ideas and “out of the box” solutions to the challenges in my daily life. Today it is easier than ever to find them as I “google” my life’s problems. But do…

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It Is Not Complex

Sometimes I make following Jesus more complex than necessary. The Apostle Peter suggested that it involves a proactive positive step and a proactive boundary-setting. …

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Leading like a Shepherd

Over the years I have read leadership books by Stephen Covey, Peter Drucker and John Maxwell. I learned 7 habits, 5 principles and multiple guidelines – all very helpful. When I need…

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