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The Paradox of Love - Grace and Truth

I used to think that love was a "balance between grace and truth" - as if they could be separated. Sometimes, I communicate with EITHER grace OR truth, but not both. The result is a…

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Sin Prevention

Intentional prevention always beats the labor of problem solving. The time, energy and resources needed to solve a problem is usually significantly more than the investment in prevention. In…

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Why is Forgiveness So Hard?

Our God is a forgiving God. Thank God! Over and over in His teachings, Jesus instructed His disciples in the importance of forgiveness (Luke 23:33-34, Mark 11:25, Matthew 6:14-15, Matthew 18:21-35…

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Struggles on the Journey - Hiding

As I listened to the story of his journey to Jesus, I was amazed by his nonchalant transparency. As a young boy, he came with his family to North America from an entirely different culture and…

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The Cost of Forgiveness

I often glibly say, "Please forgive me" - giving little thought to the hurt caused by my words or actions or the cost of forgiveness required of that person. I have been known to think,…

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God’s Demands vs My Desires

"I grew up on a reservation in South Dakota, filled with resentment and anger toward the white man." These were the words of a man sitting next to me at a banquet. He shared with me that…

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