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Growing in Child-Likeness: Gratitude

Where has my thankfulness for the simple gifts of life gone? Where is my childlike gratitude? As I have "matured," a mindset of entitlement has emerged that diminishes my sense of…

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And This Is Love: Wow!

Tariq Farid, an American entrepreneur, started multiple companies, including Edible Arrangements. This business makes amazing floral-like bouquets out of edible fruit. In a podcast, Mr. Farid…

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And This is Love - Generosity

Just as eternal life does not dwell in a murderer (1 John 3:15), so Godly love does not dwell in a miser (1 John 3:17). …

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My Post-Election Attitudes

After such a contentious election season in the United States, I am left fatigued and struggling with a wide range of emotions. How should I as a follower of Jesus respond? …

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