Lessons Learned on the Journey

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Spiritual Fitness

I enjoy the discipline of physical exercise because it fits my "to-do list" mentality. Yet, when I apply this same mentality to my spirtual life I often fall short. For instance, reading…

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A Confident Hope

I used to think that hope was a feeling of expectation and desire for something good. For instance, as a young boy I hoped for ice cream after my Little League baseball games. This kind of hope was…

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What Do I Believe Jesus Can Do In My Life?

"Do you believe that I am able to do this?" Matthew 9:28 NIV …

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Time vs. Timely

I live feeling impatient, frustrated and constrained inside of time. God, on the other hand, works outside of time – a bit mind-bending since He is also always present with me in my “time…

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My Plan's or God's

My “meticulous-planning personality” helps me capture more time. Early in our marriage I naively thought that my wife, Pamela, could just fit into my schedule without any consultation. I…

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Change My Heart

The song “Change my heart, O Lord; make me ever new” is occasionally sung in my prayers much differently, “Change my life circumstances, O Lord; make me more comfortable.” It…

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