Lessons Learned on the Journey

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My Post-Election Attitudes

After such a contentious election season in the United States, I am left fatigued and struggling with a wide range of emotions. How should I as a follower of Jesus respond? …

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Struggles on the Journey - My Hubris

Hubris – excessive pride and a sense of self-importance - is a constant temptation for me. Yet if you knew me well, you would understand that my hubris constantly rubs shoulders with the…

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Faith Maintenance

The opening paragraph in my car’s service manual says the following: …

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Responding in the Present

A friend once said that many times she thinks so far ahead and worries so much about what might happen in the future that she misses the joys and opportunities presented to her in the "here and…

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Change My Heart

The song “Change my heart, O Lord; make me ever new” is occasionally sung in my prayers much differently, “Change my life circumstances, O Lord; make me more comfortable.” It…

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Drudgery or Joy?

Life is difficult! At times nothing seems easy. In fact, it can become drudgery - menial tasks, the toils of everyday life, the pain and the “why me” situations. Yet I read that …

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