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My Plan's or God's

My “meticulous-planning personality” helps me capture more time. Early in our marriage I naively thought that my wife, Pamela, could just fit into my schedule without any consultation. I…

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Hearing Impaired

A blind physician colleague once said to me, "I would rather be blind than deaf." I was taken aback . . . could that be? He explained further by saying that even though he is blind, he can…

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He is Everywhere

Our boss caught us loafing! We always worked hard in his presence, but sometimes we were not as diligent in our work when he wasn’t around - the true confessions of my work experience on a…

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Looking for Lessons in Unusual Places

Life lessons can be found in unusual places. For instance, Jesus while walking with his disciples said, …

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On Christmas Eve day my mother went home to be with the Lord. She was a wonderful mother. Her presence in my life helped to shape who I am today and I am grateful. But mixed with gratitude and joy is…

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God Is Near

The Christmas season has not ended for me as I continue to meditate on Immanuel – God with us. The fact that God is near has been a consuming thought for weeks. …

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