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Would you walk with me?

Walkers are filling parks and roadsides, especially as the weather cools. Today, the medical community strongly endorses walking for good health. In fact, reports from the US Department of Health and…

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Humble Kindness

Kindness from a stranger is a delightful surprise. While shopping with a friend visiting from Hungary, we experienced kindness first hand. After searching to no avail for a particular item, a young…

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Who gets the credit?

"I did all the work; they got all the credit." These, in essence, were the words recently spoken by a friend. He had crafted a project only to have others take it over and claim the praise.…

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The Church -- a Building?

While visiting a Hungarian pastor in Budapest, he offered to give me a tour of his Lutheran church. The man spoke with grateful remembrance of the building's construction, as it had been built…

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My daughter and I were running the 5K community race for "Old Home Days" in Hancock, NH (a place my wife's family gathers for family reunions). My shirt was wet with perspiration and I…

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In our world today the legal and political world argues over what constitutes the basic unit of society known as family. Rules, legislative efforts, or movements do not necessarily define family. I…

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