Lessons Learned on the Journey

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A friend recently recounted the story of his great grandparents' generosity. During the great depression, their small town in Ohio was in great need. Believing that God had provided abundantly…

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Preparing My Bucket Before I Fill It

When I clean the kitchen floor, I first go to the closet to get the bucket. I often find that my bucket has miscellaneous items in it and dirt at the bottom that has mysteriously appeared since the…

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Spiritual Autopsy

Television shows such as Bones and NCSI have made medical autopsy common viewing. An autopsy is an inspection and dissection of a body after death to help determine the true cause of death. During an…

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I have never liked the idea of being controlled by anyone or anything. I must confess I get testy when I even perceive I'm not in the driver's seat. I want to be in control. The idea of being…

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