Lessons Learned on the Journey

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Wake Up!

Drowsiness -- It comes at the most inopportune times. My eyelids seem so heavy, I struggle to concentrate, and time practically comes to a halt. Sleep seems so inviting. A recent trip to the United…

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Following Instructions Carefully

During my school days, I often dove into a test without carefully and completely reading all the instructions. The result? -Often wrong answers to questions that I could have easily answered…

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A Living Hope

I usually am not a fan of New Year's Eve celebrations. In fact, my favorite way to celebrate the holiday is a quiet family evening, a dish of my wife's lobster bisque and finding myself in…

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The Church -- a Building?

While visiting a Hungarian pastor in Budapest, he offered to give me a tour of his Lutheran church. The man spoke with grateful remembrance of the building's construction, as it had been built…

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Dive Deeply

"Dive deeply!" This encouragement from a scuba-diving friend never took hold in my life. Although I thought about it, I remained content to snorkel instead. The time, energy and risk…

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