Lessons Learned on the Journey

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Who's watching?

As the light turned yellow, I stepped on the accelerator and sped through the intersection. My daughter, traveling with me, said, "Dad you will need to be careful driving in the town of Wayne.…

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The Painful Process of Character Development

The development of godly character is a desired end for all people who claim to follow Jesus. However, over the years I have learned the hard lesson that the process of character development involves…

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What is a hero?

An article in the July/August 2003 issue of the Pennsylvania State University alumni magazine recounts the story of Norina Bentzel -- a modern day hero. In January 2001, while principal of an…

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Patients in the emergency room often expressed concern that their wounds would leave scars, lingering evidence of their physical injury. As I closed their open wounds, patients often said to me,…

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