Joyful competition?

Competition - the rivalry for supremacy - is a great joy to me. Whether a basketball game or a golf match...winning is everything. Is it not?! But the joy is oh so brief. Then I must move on to the next competition -- so much effort for a few moments of joy.

Allowing the competitive edge to creep into my personal, relational, and professional life comes with a deep price. When cooperation, agreement and harmony are substituted for an adversarial position, discord is frequently the result. Interestingly, the joy is not is non-existent.

Could competition exist in my personal spiritual life? Impossible! Don't I always want Jesus to win in my life? Looking more closely, I realize that there is a battle - a competition. I seem to be fighting Jesus; oddly enough He is not fighting me. What I want - even in service for Him - wars with "Your will be done". But where is the joy of the win when I chose my way?

John the Baptist knew the battle. He also knew where to find the joy. He said to his followers ... That joy is mine, and it is now complete. He (Jesus) must become greater, I must become less. (John 3:29b-30 NIV)

A low score in golf is still my goal and a win after a match feels better than a loss. Will you join me in learning the pleasure and contentment as we yield ourselves to Jesus?

Sharing the journey with you, Bob Snyder