Running to God in Times of Trouble

When times are tough, I am tempted to “run away” in one way or another—sometimes denial, sometimes avoidance and so on. I don’t usually actually run away; but if I could I probably would.

In the Old Testament account, Hagar was running from terrible circumstances when she encountered the Angel of the Lord—an actual conversation with the Living God. Instead of continuing in the direction away from her very big problem, she obeyed God’s instructions to return to her problem.

As she was talking with the Angel of the Lord, Hagar realized that God knew her and knew her circumstances. She gave God a new name meaning

            “You are the God who sees me,” Genesis 16:13 NIV          

In difficult times I, like Hagar, find myself running away from the circumstance instead of staying there, seeking and obeying God.

Will you join me this year running toward God in times of trouble?

Sharing the journey with you, Bob Snyder