Being not Doing - the Roots of Obedience

We often think of obedience as “doing”. In raising my children, obedience usually involved doing or not doing something. Sometimes in the midst of their obedience, their hearts were revealed—and it wasn’t pretty! And so it is with me.
In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus spoke of the inner man or woman—being, not doing—the roots of obedience. (Below I adapted/expanded Matthew 5: 3-10.)
Oh the blessing of poverty of spirit – knowing that I need God
Oh the blessing of mourning – yes, mourning my sinful nature and broken spirit
Oh the blessing of meekness – yielding to The King in all things
Oh the blessing of hungering and thirsting for righteousness –
more than anything, desiring God’s Kingdom and His righteousness

Oh the blessing of a merciful heart – unmerited tenderheartedness and compassion
Oh the blessing of purity of heart – a guiltless, clean, blameless heart
Oh the blessing of being a peacemaker – reconciler of people to God and to one

Oh the blessing of persecution for righteousness sake – living so in tune with Jesus'
way that sharing in His suffering bring an otherworldly joy and
Just imagine the obedience that flows from such hearts. This is a message for me, as it was for the disciples. Sermon-on-the- Mount hearts yield a deep and rich obedience and blessings incomprehensible.
Will you join me in yielding to God and living the blessed life made possible through Christ Himself?  


Sharing the journey with you, Bob Snyder