Living in God’s promises

“…he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature…” 2 Peter 1:4 NIV 

The dictionary defines “promise” as a statement telling someone that you will definitely do something or that something will definitely happen in the future.

The Bible is filled with promises God has made to His people. Some of them are:

  • God is always with me (I will not fear)… Joshua 1:9
  • God will provide for me (I will not be anxious)… Matthew 6:25-34
  • God gives me eternal life (I will not die)… John 3:16
  • God keeps his promises (I will not doubt)… 2 Corinthians 1:20

What would my life look like if I acted on God’s promises, trusting that He will fulfill them?

Join me this week in doing just that! 

Sharing the journey with you, Bob Snyder