Leadership Expansion

We at IHS Global welcome Dr. Gábor Győri to his new position as Executive Director of Ministry.  In his June 1st correspondence to our staff, Dr. Győri said that God first called him to the work of the Saline Process in 1999 in Hungary and….

…. Now I stand before a global task….He [the Lord] is going to continue and finish His good work… I thank God for calling me, preparing me and trusting me with this humbling role.

Dr. Győri has practiced medicine in his native country of Hungary for 23 years - 18 of those years in Family Medicine. During 14 of these years, he served as a teaching physician for Semmelweis University Medical School.  He also has experience in the pharmaceutical industry (Upjohn). Since 1999 Dr. Győri has trained healthcare witnesses and witness trainers, as well as mentoring and coaching within the Saline Process worldwide network. His most recent position as International Director of IHS Global, working closely with Bob Snyder and the IHS Global Board in long-term strategic planning, has positioned him for effective leadership.

Bob Snyder will continue as President of IHS Global, spending a majority of his time in advancement, while also advising and inputting into ministry and operations. His strong dedication to IHS Global, our global partners and the training of healthcare witnesses for Jesus around the world continues.

IHS Global believes God has blessed us with talent and experience in Dr. Győri. We look forward to working together - training healthcare witnesses so that patients around the world might have the opportunity to know the compassion and reality of Jesus.