Anointed For Work

For several years, while teaching Saline Process, I have been thinking how I could adapt it for a general audience of workers.  So much of Saline is appropriate to everyone who wants to be Salt, Light & a Witness for Jesus in their workplace.  Then in January 2017 I heard that IHSGlobal is working on a programme called Salt and Light, but it isn't ready yet for widespread use.  So when the opportunity came for me to present such a workshop as part of a two week training on "Mission" in the Solomon Islands, I was happy to accept.

Based on the five questions of Saline but with references to healthcare removed, and drawing on other resources too, I ended up with a 6 hour workshop which I presented along with Dr Erick Mange, a Saline trainer from Papua New Guinea.   Allowing for refreshment breaks it took most of one day and was well received by the participants.   Under the theme of Mission they had mostly been thinking about overseas Christian mission.  Now they could see that we are on a mission wherever we are on our journey of serving Jesus and whatever our employment.  God anoints people who do their work to the best of their ability for God; he is keen to co-labour with us so that we can bring Christ-like influence into our workplaces and among our work colleagues.  The picture shows me with a headlamp, shining the light onto 'Jesus'.

I praise God for this opportunity, even while remaining fully committed of course to Saline Process training for healthcare professionals.