IHS Global staff join Amplify 2019 Conference

Members of IHS Global’s US office staff attended the 4th annual Amplify Conference, hosted by the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism at Wheaton College and co-sponsored by the Lausanne Movement North America.  

This year’s conference theme, “Preoccupied with Love”, focused on the nature of the Gospel message—a Gospel for everyone. Topics included “A Gospel for…”:  

  • The Silenced 
  • The Nominal 
  • The Forgotten 
  • The Hard to Reach 
  • Those Bruised and Burned by the Church 
  • The Wanderer 
  • The Lonely 

Revitalizing the work of evangelism within the local church and in our personal lives was a topic of much discussion. A growing theme emphasizes evangelism as the pre-conversion component of one’s entire journey to becoming a disciple of Jesus.  

Networking with other ministry leaders was valuable as we, at IHS Global, seek to cooperate with the Body of Christ as we develop a version of the Saline Process for all believers. 

According to team member Kristy Goli, this year’s conference was another valuable connection point for IHS Global in understanding and engaging and serving the church in North America.