Saline Event, Nelson, New Zealand

I praise God for a very encouraging Saline weekend in Nelson (9-11 August) a small town at the top end of NZ's South Island, which included a Saline Process Witness training and a Training The Trainers.   It was particularly valuable doing this with a close knit group - clusters from Nelson, Motueka and Wellington, and also having a local church support us with advertising, facility and catering.  We in turn, were able to support their fund-raising for an up-coming church event.  Here's what some of the attendees had to say in reply to the question What was the best part of the Saline Process?  

 "Rekindled how important this is" (Dementia field worker doing it her 2nd time).
Knowing I'm "not alone" (GP)
"Ideas for how to broach the subject of faith with patients incorporated into daily practice.  How to do this in a sensitive way. Meeting other Christian HCPs & discussion." (Nurse)
"Gaining a stronger vision to being a witness at work. The people I got to meet, and the course. The 8 practical tools to use." (Nurse)
"As well as aiding the purpose [to be Salt, Light and a Witness for Jesus at your work] it promotes faith - - a great course" (Nurse)
"Built my faith and passion for evangelism. Clear guidelines and options on where to start." (Physio)
The five who did TTT were great people. They saw how important it is to do Saline as part of a team. Please pray for them as they plan future Tasters or full training. One of them is a nurse who is on the NCF NZ Board and who did Saline before.  She will be working with NZ's other nurse trainers hoping to promote it more among nurses.  Please pray for these new Saline witnesses and trainers