From the Executive Director: For Such A Time As This...

My elderly father in law said: "It feels like wartime, only without the shooting"

Fear, captivity, limitations. Quarantine, increasing rates of infection, dead, recovered.

The attention of much of the world is locked in on the coronavirus (COVID-19). It dominates the news, our thoughts, and our conversations. Governments employ strict regulations, limiting the spread of the virus, radically changing the way people live their every day lives. What can we, Christian healthcare workers do in this situation?

We can be salt and light to our patients and our colleagues as witnesses of Christ (Acts 1:8). Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we can serve filled with the Love of Christ in these critical times, to those who cannot go anywhere, because they are ill, or have to remain in healthcare facilities due to quarantine efforts.

The protection and loving concern of the Lord encourages and keeps us, when we do our work according to Him (Psalm 91). Let us read and pray Psalm 91 every day, encouraging our colleagues who struggle with fear or exhaustion.

We live in unique times, where the Lord has provided us Christian healthcare workes, with an even greater opportunity to serve as Witnesses for Christ in His love, so that others may come to know Him.

Through the Saline Process over 37 000 Healthcare witnesses in 115 countries have been equipped for such a time as this, to bring aid and share the Good News as witnesses for Christ through every encounter.