Brother Madituka, a gentle man, went HOME

Allow me to copy Erasmia’s message from the Trumpet call :


‘On Sunday 25th April, Madituka Beyo of the Democratic Republic of the Congo passed away as a result of Celebral Malaria complications which had caused him intense suffering since June 2020.  Madituka, a male nurse known as Papa Beyo, joined the ranks of HCFI in 1981, was trained at Le Rudli in Switzerland and later became the much-appreciated Francophone International Trainer in HCFI.  His untiring labours, long journeys  -  sometimes on foot to reach remote health centres in his home country  -  and his valuable spiritual input, remain as a solid memorial to one who spent his life in blessing others.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to Madituka’s wife Fwauna and their two sons, and also to Dr. Anaclet Tshilumba and Ruth and the entire Francophone constituency in Africa.  May those of us who remain be willing to give ourselves unreservedly for the unfinished task ahead until our Lord comes or calls us Home.’

As an HCFI Francophonecoordinator and trainer, it was Madituka who introduced the Saline Process into the African Francophone world. We remember his loving kindness, his humble and dedicated heart for the lost. His commitment to the Lord's calling and his years of tireless service to advance His kingdom in often difficult circumstances. Madituka had a great impact in bringing the Saline Process to French Africa, up till the last months.

May his family know the Lord's comfort