Spiritual Healthcare of India

According to the Joshua Project, there are 2,295 people groups in India with 90.5% of them unreached with the Gospel. The largest religion is Hinduism and professing Christians are 2.1%. …

IHS Global Needs Committed Prayer Warriors!

IHS Global is in search of committed prayer warriors! We are growing and we need your prayer. Help us reach 5,000 prayer partners in March and 100,000 by the end of the year! …

Saline Process Online Training is Launched!

Our online version of the Saline Process has officially launched. Head over to our new SPOT landing page to watch the video about the course and to learn how you can self-register and log in to take…

Work in Sub-Saharan Africa Continues to Grow

In 2016, 43 Saline Process trainings took place throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. As a result, there are 945 more healthcare witnesses equipped and envisioned for meeting their patients’ spiritual…

Saline Process Testimonials

Please enjoy this brief video of testimonies about the Saline Process, with an introduction from IHS Global President, Bob Snyder and Executive Director of Ministry, Gábor Győri.

Medical Outreach in Northern Iraq

VIDEO: A Saline Process trainer shares about her church's medical service outreach in Northern Iraq.

First Saline Process Training in Trinidad & Tobago

Yesterday marked the first day of the Saline Process training in Trinidad & Tobago, in conjunction with the HCFI (Healthcare Christian Fellowship International) Regional Leadership Summit. A…

What is a Training of Trainers (TOT)?

If you have been trained in the Saline Process, you may find you have the desire to share what you have learned from a teaching role. Through our relationships with our various partner organizations,…
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