First Saline Process Training in Trinidad & Tobago

Yesterday marked the first day of the Saline Process training in Trinidad & Tobago, in conjunction with the HCFI (Healthcare Christian Fellowship International) Regional Leadership Summit. A…

What is a Training of Trainers (TOT)?

If you have been trained in the Saline Process, you may find you have the desire to share what you have learned from a teaching role. Through our relationships with our various partner organizations,…

Taking Saline to Work

Watch this two-minute video and see what witnesses for Jesus are doing around the world.

Global Movement

Watch this 90 second video to learn more about IHS Global around the world.

Leadership Expansion

We at IHS Global welcome Dr. Gábor Győri to his new position as Executive Director of Ministry. In his June 1st correspondence to our staff, Dr. Győri said that God first called him to the…

The Saline Process in the United Kingdom

Empowering Christian health professionals worldwide …
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