Csilla Pánczél

Csilla Pánczél

Financial Coordinator

Csilla joined the IHS Global family in September 2021. She feels very blessed for the opportunity of being able to serve at a Christian organization. She considers her previous years spent at different workplaces have prepared her to work for IHS where she serves as the Financial Coordinator.

Csilla was born in Budapest, Hungary, in a most loving Christian home and is the eldest of five children. She studied economics in Budapest, her major was financial institutions and stock market. She finds joy in analyzing and studying complex processes, be it a global economic question or finding more and more connections between the different books of the Bible. She strives to see the context of everything, especially when it comes to the Word of God and people’s lifestories. She finds it true joy when she sees people being restored, renewed and complete through God’s powerful love.

Her passion is to learn how to be an obedient and faithful servant to God and fulfill her calling here on earth in that unique and creative way God is leading her on each day.

In her spare time, she likes running, reading, watching movies, hiking and spending time with her siblings.