Why, God?


Yusufu Kuule •


In this short video, Yusufu Kuule from Uganda shares his journey into the unknowns of a new job and his prayers to understand why God brought him there and what He wanted him to do and how to do it -- and how the Saline Process answered Yusufu's prayers.



“Three and a half years ago I had a problem where I was working and there were some challenges at work. I thought of changing my place of work using my own energy, and I tried all I could, but all the moves I made were not successful. Three years ago, God miraculously took me to my current place of work. But this place was very remote, and my heart was not really to work in a remote place. So I began to pray to God asking him to show me WHY he took me to this place, WHAT he wants me to do in this place, and HOW to do it. I have been praying for this for the last two and a half years.

Now, when I was invited to this Saline Process training, I really did not expect that my exact three questions would be answered. This is why I want to praise God, because of what He has done. I feel so excited that the Saline Process training has answered my prayers. Now I know WHAT to do, I know HOW to do it and I really know why God took me to this place. I really believe if I had stayed in the other system I had been working in, these questions would have possibly taken longer to be answered.

So, I really give glory to God and thank the organizers of this training for having facilitated this process of answering my question. I feel excited and I give glory to God for having answered my prayers. I believe with him, I am going to implement together with a team what he has taught us, and we see his work going on. Thank you very much!” 





The Lord is your strength.

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Gábor Győri

Dear Yusuf, it is so good to see you on this video. I am glad we could meet in Kenya, and God allowed me to get know you! God bless you, my dear Brother!

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