Going cross-cultural.

Glennis Mafi •

Papua New Guinea

What do you do when your assistant trainers decide it would be best to do most of the training in Pidgin (English) - the common language in this country of over 800 languages, and you, the lead trainer, hardly understands Pidgin??  Well you pray, and you trust God and you agree, because you want the participants to really understand and to practice the role plays and activities in the language they will use every day with their patients.  It was a risk, because my assistant trainers were inexperienced, and it had been two years since they attended their first Saline Process training here in the rural Highlands area of Papua New Guinea.  But there had been two pre-event reviews of the materials, and this trip I really wanted to move forward in making the programme more accesible. I could see that people were engaging better than on my first trip and at least one testimony at the end expressed appreciation for this aspect of the training. Taking the Saline Process cross culturally is an exciting venture.  I'm learning so much, Papua New Guinea nationals and long term missionaries are giving me their ideas, and I am sure that God is at work and we are building a team here in PNG.


Glenn Anderson

Good to hear your account, Glennis, and thank you for the "Train The Trainers" course you led me in last weekend. We have lodgers living downstairs from our church who have been going to DR Congo each year over the last 5 years. Geoff writes Christian course books for them to use as it is so hard to get Christian literature there. There are so many languages in the Congo that using translators for meetings is universal - even for the natives! He adapted and Gods message went forth in native tongue. You did too. God Bless

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Gábor Győri

Thank you dear Glennis for your faithful ministry!

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Lindsey Miller

We're praying for you as you seek the Lord in this process. I'm so glad you could listen carefully to the Lord and to the other trainers, trusting the Holy Spirit to work. Grateful for you and the trainers in PNG!

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