My experience as a Trainer

Puseletso Ntsutle •

Bethlehem : South Africa

Recently  we had Saline process witness training where Mamsy and I facilitated the training for 10 participants. I have been exposed to the Saline Process many times as a trainer, but what amazes me is that everytime I meet a different group with new things, new comments, that I can only say Lord you did it again. As a Trainer I experience new knowledge, new revelation new experience with every group and with myself. Everytime God speaks to me something new. Out of ten participants only one accepted Christ...The training went on till the last part of John during presentation of the Gospel. I was led to call one of the participants to demonstrate gospel presentation at the end thinking it is just a demonstration I asked the participant if she would like me to introduce her to Christ. She accepted the call and we prayed. During the last part where the participants were given opportunity to speak about the course, this one said I thought I know Christ, I served Him since my childhood, but when the facilitator asked me to meet Christ I was so convicted that it was not a demonstration I have accepted Jesus as the Lord and my Saviour today. This are some of the miracles of God in Saline process Training.



God works in mysterious ways and we cannot but marvel at the turn of events happening in this training. Praise the Lord and may God continue to use you sister for His glory and the extension of His Kingdom.

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Sarah Cherian

Puseletso, praise God for keeping you sensitive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit .

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Gábor Győri

God bless you! Thank you for sharing it with us!

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Pamela Snyder

Thank you, Lord. And thank you, Puseletson, for your faithfulness as a trainer and for your sensitivity to participants.

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Kris Tabula

Amazing, Puseletso! Praise God for that one soul!

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