Saline Training Process Experience


Khawulile Magagula •

Manzini, Swaziland

I am very grateful to have participated in the Saline Process Training from 12 to 14 July 2018 in Swaziland.  The course has enabled me to clearly understand how to walk with a patient or any person in their journey to faith from the stage where they might be indifferent to the Gospel, up to the point where they accept Christ and commit to live by faith. I also learned how to train others to become Saline witnesses.


Among the things that I learned is the importance of engaging the ethical principles of sensitivity, permission, and respect in the process; focusing on cultivating and sowing where the bulk of the work is, and harvesting; the tools entailed; being the right balance of truth and love to others; the association of faith with positive health outcomes according to research evidence; that the health care setting is an opportune place for witnessing to patients.   


What stood out most for me was the lesson on spiritual vitality and the 5C’s which are central in achieving spiritual influence.


This week I am going through what I learned from the training and applying the first tool out of the eight, prayer; for myself, my hospital, patients and staff.


Thank you



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