Helped a patient to get one step closer to Jesus!

J. S. •

Sri Lanka

I had a patient this evening visiting the dental clinic. He has been going to church influenced by his girlfriend, but is in the habit of chewing betel. While speaking to him realised that he has certain fears and had not really experienced the Lord. It was God give opportunity to share the Gospel and pray with him. Please pray that he'll continue to take steps get closer to Jesus.


V Angeline Joyner

Praying for the person to taste the goodness of the Lord in His life.

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Glenn Anderson

Praying that Christ will reach through his fears to turn his "borrowed" faith into a genuine personal faith.

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Sarah Cherian

pray that god will bring closer and closer to know Him personally and accept Jesus as his saviour

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Latha Mathew

Praying for this patient. May he find all the answers to his fear in Christ.

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Melita Evelyn

Will pray

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Dr. Ahsan Tabasum

God be with him and guide him to come closer to Jesus we will pray for him.

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