Connecting online with patients in COVID times


Mathew S. P. •

Ashok One Hospital, Mumbai

In India, the Government declared a National Lockdown for 21 days. Our OPD footfall saw a reduction of over 50% as people were unable to travel or even leave their homes. The local trains, the lifeline of Mumbai, ferrying millions of passengers per month, shut down. Buses, taxi's, and rickshaws also went off the roads.

But the Lord had been working in our Hospital from the past many months to prepare us for a time like this. We had started with online Hospital management software with online payment gateway integration in 2019 itself. This enabled us to serve our patients via video consultations and generating online prescriptions. So while our walk-in OPD reduced by 50%, our online OPD increased by over 100% in the past few months. I want to thank the Lord for His wisdom and guidance during these times. 


Veronika Szilagyi

Thank you for sharing!

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