God is at Work: The Power of a Truth Prescription


Koshy George •

Goldcoast, Australia




29 yrs old Z, an RN, had moved to an Australian capital city for work. Things didn’t go as she planned. She had some issues at her workplace, lost her job and split up with an abusive partner. For whatever reason, she also lost her license to practice as a nurse. She subsequently had a motor vehicle accident and lost her driver’s license; this was the last straw. Penniless, she had to return to her parents’ home, all her dreams shattered.


She was in a very dark place mentally. Her seizure disorder, present since childhood, was getting worse despite treatment and so she was referred to my Neurology Clinic. I suggest some changes to her medication. Over the next year or so her seizures improved and her moods got better. She later picked up some retail work. Despite a seeming improvement, she told me one visit that she still worried a great deal and suffered with sleeplessness. I explained that during times of worry, stress and insomnia, I read the Psalms and listen to Vision Christian Radio. I suggested she could try this and wrote down the details of the radio station told her where she could read the Psalms. 


She arrived 6 months later for a routine follow up and I saw a beaming happy lady. She told me that her darkness had lifted and she had received the light. She heard the gospel over the radio and accepted the LORD JESUS CHRIST into her life. This transformed her life.


Hallelujah, I was overjoyed to hear this wonderful news. God is TRULY at work; it was plain to see the power of a truth prescription.


Don’t forget to add a truth prescription to your faith story.


Joanna Gokavi

Thank you for sharing this story. Would love to use this as an illustration while teaching truth prescription at SPWTs

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Melita Evelyn

Thanks for sharing - Psalms & the radio station is soo practical

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Mathew S. P.

She is moving up the Engel scale, praise God. Hope she connects to a local fellowship too.

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Gábor Győri

Wow, thank you for sharing!

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Miriam Baroutjian

God bless you.

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