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Ifeanyi Onah •

Enugu Nigeria

I had come into the hospital that morning to pick a letter from the administrative secretary.  Before I left information came a man with gunshot injury was rushed into the hospital. Nigeria was in upheaval as the #EndSARS protests had degenerated into ugly looting, violence and chaos. I had passed an antiriot police vehicle on my way and the streets weren't safe.

Since I was the most senior doctor available and unwilling to risk having him neglected I went over and resuscitation began. He was shot in the chest with swinging desaturation episodes. Another bullet fractured his left hand. At the end of the process he seemed more stable but his pulse was rising.

Police men stormed the hospital but mercifully he was not moved out forcibly. It turned out he had a diaphragmatic injury, liver laceration añd bleeding into the peritoneal cavity as well as the other injuries I had picked up. Several surgical sessions with a consultant general surgeon later he was stable and safe.

When I visited him he welcomed me with joy. I told him I didn't expect him to remember me. He said "Of course I do. You are my saviour!" Having been praying for him to receive the gospel and get born again I rejoiced at the opportunity. "I am not your saviour' I told him. "His name is Jesus Christ" and shared with him the appropriate response of thanksgiving is a complete surrender to the lordship of Jesus Christ. Having given him a pamphlet I promised to see him again.




Samuel Spatafore

Thank you for sharing this exciting story.

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Alie Buijert

Thank you for sharing this story. Thank God that he got Saved.

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Ganga Massey

I am thanking God for the grace given to you sir in using the given opportunity. God is always at work

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The patient was lucky you were there. Had the patient been in any hospital here in Yola the hospital could have demanded police report before attending to him.

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Veronika Szilagyi

Thank you for sharing! Praise God!

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