Walking with the pace of the Holy Spirit!


Mesfin Beyero •

It was in the year 2012 on one Monday evening that a friend of mine, who had long been suffering from HIV/AIDS came to my mind. I just wondered what had happened to him for it has been more than two years since we last met. ‘Did he die?’ ‘Someone should have told me if that happened’. These thoughts came in a matter of 10 seconds and gone. The next day was a holiday and there was no work. My wife and I were getting prepared to spend the day in prayer, and her cellphone starts ringing. Her sister-in-law called to inform us that the same guy, whom I thought about the night before, was seriously ill and admitted to one of the hospitals in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital. Then I told my wife how he came to my mind and that the guy will surely die. I was urged by the Holy Spirit and decided to rush to the hospital. The guy used to be a believer but became a backslider for many years now. Whenever he was told to come back to Jesus, he mocked people. My wife and I briefly prayed, and I rushed to the hospital. I found him lying in bed and on oxygen. I called his name and he woke up. Then I said to him right away that I came to pray with him and lead him to confess his sins. He told me he is willing to do it. Then I read from the Bible, and he prayed after me asking Jesus for forgiveness. He became happy and I left after spending about 2 hours there. When I arrived home, another phone call came through to inform us that the guy passed away. Later I learned that his mother, a Christian, had been praying for 15 years and God answered her prayer in this way.


Sarah Cherian

praise God for the sensitivity he gave you to the Holy spirit guidence. May God help us to be tuned to that gentle nudges by the Holy Spirit...thank you brother for sharing this experience.

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Latha Mathew

Praising God for this divine appointment!
God loved your friend so much. Amazing!
Thank you for sharing this experience with us.

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