Prayer of faith


Ugyen Wangdi •


Early in the morning at 4am on 6/1/2010, I received an emergency call. It was a mother crying and calling. So I asked her: what happened? She told me that her 1year old child have taken her sister's eplipsy medicine (2tablet of carbamazepine); the side effect of medicine can destroy kidney and other organ.  So she told me that the baby is about die, please come fast. We took ambulance which will take 1:30minute to reach their place. When we reach there  baby was drowsy. So I just kept my hand on her forehead and prayed. She was responding little, without delay we brought her to hospital. At 8am my duty was over and I went home and prayed to God. I had told to her parents to not panic - every thing going to be fine. On the next day we found out that baby was totally healed, breastfeeding well, eating well and even giving very lovely cute smile to me and doctor. So she was discharged from hospital on second day. Totally healed. Nothing has happened to her organs.

Smile on her face.


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