Recertification at a Distance.


Glennis Mafi •

Port Moresby, PNG & Auckland, NZ

There are several Saline Trainers in Papua New Guinea and all of them are at least three years since they did their SPTTT. SO how can we do recertification when we can't physically visit there? There are technical difficulties like poor internet connection, many people not having the equipment or skills to set up for Zoom or similar.  Well, praise God, with the willingness and ingenuity of three STs we were able to complete the meeting part of the process.  Some boxes still need to be ticked, not least, how am I (an MT) going to watch them in action? We're still thinking how to do that.  But our meeting on 4 September was a great first step.  Thank you Lord Jesus!  Keep on growing the Saline Trainers of PNG we pray.  (Screen Shot shows myself top L, Erick and Clare top R and Issac below)


Glennis Mafi

Thank you Mithran. Prayer +++ (I need to work on this) and working in partnership.

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Mithran John Coomarasamy

Pray for a way to open soon. If group time is a challenge for online update may be any willing MTs in the Oceania region and know the terrain of PNG and the church and healthcare system may be able to help. Followed by a collective session for all who need re-certification. We need to be creative and only spirit led.

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