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Mary •

South Africa

One of the nurses employed in a department outside of that in which I work, was brought into the Emergency room with a headache and a feeling of nausea. I was asked to attend to her. At the end of the consultation, the conclusion that there was no serious underlying problem, was reached. I prayed for her healing during the consultation. She left the emergency room not long after that, walking, although she had been brought there in a wheelchair due to her symptoms. She left feeling well. I unconsciously put this encounter out of my mind, but one week later, it was brought back to my attention. 

A different nurse, stationed in the Emergency Department, called me aside and told me that the nurse that I had attended to about a week before, had given a testimony concerning her encounter with me. She mentioned that I had taken time out to pray for her while others were "running around",  and that she had left feeling much better. The nurse who reported this to me, then said that she would like me to share from the Word of God during one of the nurses' morning meetings. I was so humbled, at how God used this situation to open a door to share Jesus with the nurses.


Khoo Ah Choo

Praise the Lord for committed Christian nurses like you as salt and light.

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Gloria a Dios! Que privilegio es servir a Dios y dar testimonio de El. Somos mas bendecidos en dar que recibir!

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Angelina Sandy

I praise god for these "chance encounters"which can have a ripple effect for eternity.

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Gábor Győri

Praise the Lord! Thank You for sharing this encouraging story!

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