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Saline Process Testimonials

Please enjoy this brief video of testimonies about the Saline Process, with an…

Medical Outreach in Northern Iraq

VIDEO: A Saline Process trainer shares about her church's medical service outreach in…

First Saline Process Training in Trinidad & Tobago

Yesterday marked the first day of the Saline Process training in Trinidad & Tobago,…

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Testimonies from witnesses across the globe


In this short video, Yusufu Kuule from Uganda shares his journey into the unknowns of a new job and his prayers to understand why God brought him there and what He wanted him to… continue


Compartimos el video de ASOCRIIP (Asociación Cristian Renovadora de Instituciones Públicas y de la Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social) sobre la… continue


How can the Saline Process help us connect with those from other cultures? Is it useful for international students? Listen as Henri, a Brazilian junior doctor in Russia, shares… continue

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