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From the Executive Director: For Such A Time As This...

My elderly father in law said: "It feels like wartime, only without the…

Article on Saline Process published in Christian Nurse International journal

Christian Nurse International is a journal published by Nurses Christian Fellowship…

Budapest Forum for Christian Communicators

Through our partner, CMF Hungary, we had received a request to join the Faith and Science…

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Historically nurses and social workers have been educated primarily to care for the physiological, psychosocial and emotional needs of patients with little emphasis on attending… continue


Glenn and Jane are new Saline Process trainers who were certified just months ago. Despite some personal obstacles, they agreed to travel and train alongside Glennis Mafi, who… continue


I had a patient this evening visiting the dental clinic. He has been going to church influenced by his girlfriend, but is in the habit of chewing betel. While speaking to him… continue

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