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Meet Glenn and Jane: Answering the Call

Meet Glenn and Jane: Answering the Call …

Budapest Forum for Christian Communicators

Through our partner, CMF Hungary, we had received a request to join the Faith and Science…

Saline Event, Nelson, New Zealand

I praise God for a very encouraging Saline weekend in Nelson (9-11 August) a small town…

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I had a patient this evening visiting the dental clinic. He has been going to church influenced by his girlfriend, but is in the habit of chewing betel. While speaking to him… continue


I agree with the Saline Process Witness Training's "Barriers phase" in fulfilling the call as a vessel of salt and light amongst our patients. As for me, I always… continue


Atendendo uma paciente, ela se sentiu atraída pelo carinho e cuidado que eu manifestava e pediu para ensiná-la em relação à saúde… continue

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