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Brother Madituka, a gentle man, went HOME

Allow me to copy Erasmia’s message from the Trumpet call : …

Terminamos nuestro primer entrenamiento de Proceso Salina para España y América Latina en Enfermería Cristisana

Hemos terminado la primera capacitación de Proceso Salina virtual para habla…

First-Ever Virtual Training for Brazil

Pela graça de Deus, ontem iniciamos o primeiro treinamento virtual Saline Process.…

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A Surprise Turnaround!

I attended a Christian Women's Conference this year and as we were getting coffee for morning tea, recognised a previous patient. She recognised me at the same time,… continue


God is at Work: The Power of a Truth Prescription

GOD IS AT WORK THE POWER OF A TRUTH PRESCRIPTION. 29 yrs old Z, an RN, had moved to an Australian capital city for work. Things didn’t go as she planned. She had… continue


Une prière peut conduire à un téléphone...

Dans mon travail, je fais des soins de pieds aux personnes diabétiques. Pendant le soin, j'ai le temps de discuter avec mes patients, d'apprendre à les… continue

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